In Memory of
(my mother)
Oreatha Saterfiel Luttrell Bond
May 3, 1930 - Jan. 19, 2012
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"You just give and give of your time, energy and other resources never once giving thought of how really special you are."
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A very special portrait. . .our last day together.
I called her Mother. . .
These three called her "Sis"
Everybody called her "the cook"
A special Sunday morning

A favorite scripture she often asked her hospice chaplain Ron Lowe to quote
There could be no prouder grandmother.
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Mrs Oreatha's (and my) angels, Connie and Mary Joe
Teachers, administrators, friends.  Pearl Maxey, S. T. Howell, Oreatha, Yvonne Warner and Ruth Coody.
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From the classroom to the boardroom - it was always about the children.
Life, for 22 years, with "Jay" - or,
from shorts to a "suit".
Those sweet and sassy brothers!
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Her last photograph - with a true friend, "cut from the same cloth".
Amanda and Herb visiting "Mama Sis"
Aunt Re and Angie in the kitchen, where else.
But, to Eric, she was a very special "Mommy Me"
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