Notes from some who knew her

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"Oreatha, my long-time friend, teacher and mentor. . .I truly don't know how to express my gratitude for all you do for our Lord through your service in our church and community. . .we just thank you and love you.  You are such an inspiration and model Christian and I have been so blessed to have you in my life over these past years."  Betty

"You'll never know how you have touched our lives - such a wonderful example of Christian love and service.  I admire you so very much."  Peggy

"He is so real in your life for the rest of us to see Him as you face all the trials and tribulations of your illness.  For the 64 years of knowing you, I am so grateful."  Jean

"When I was a teenager at Oak Grove Baptist Church, you made an impression on me of your leadership abilities in our youth activities.  Through my teaching years you were such an encourager to me - always making me feel as though I was one of the best.  After retirement from school teaching, I have more fond memories.  Camping together, being neighbors, motor home traveling buddies and gardening side by side have made me love you more as I've seen you display Christian love in all facets of our friendship.  Seeing you work so smoothly with the diversity of personalities and 'keeping peace and harmony' in our Life Group class has been an inspiration."  Dorothy

"To know you is to love you!
I have always thought of you as the 'first responder.'  What I mean is:  you are always one of the first persons to respond when a crisis arises in the life of one of your friends.  It doesn't matter that you had other plans for that day.
You have been there for me on many occasions.  You always have words of encouragement when we need them most.  Even now, when you have challenges of your own, you are still that person we see still responding to others in need."  Marie

"Roses are red, violets are blue.  If you don't know Oreatha, Never mind, she probably knows you.
She's there at times of cheering With that hearty laugh you can't help hearing.  She's there the times you goof or stumble To lift you up and listen while you grumble.
She's there at times of sorrow With words and deeds for you;  Her thoughtfulness so meaningful You know she's been there, too.
She expects little and gives so much.  That's our lady, Oreatha, with the Master's touch."